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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Time:3:36 pm.
I hit the 30lb mark today! Hoorays :-)

82.5 to go!
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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Time:9:18 am.
Sooooo... whats new?

I am down a lb. So, I am at 239 right now (28.5lbs lost total)

So thats good! But my loss has slowed to a slow ass crawl so I am attempting to pep it up.
I'm upping my exercise like crazy, and dropping some more dairy.

I even got up early this morning to jog on the treadmill. Go me!
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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Time:10:46 am.
A conversation with a co-worker.

Him : Dang, you lookin' skinny!
Me : Thanks!
Him : How much have you lost now?
Me : I'm stuck around 27lbs.
Him : I f'in hate you. Leave my office.
Him (screamin down the hall) : YOU SKINNY BITCH!

Haha. Loves it!
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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Subject:long time no post.
Time:8:59 am.
Sorry to be ignoring my LJ accounts...I've been busy updating my blogger. I kinda wish it just auto updated all my blogs at once! :-)

Let's see, what is new? Well, today I am officially down 20lbs! Man, that took a long time. I have 92lbs left to go, but I am still very happy. Low carb works well for me, it really cuts my compulsive eating. So, even if I don't lose as fast as the other miracle Atkin's people (the ones that lose 20lbs the first week, bitches!), I am content to slowly lose, since the way of eating is so conducive to recovery for me. Its really helpful. I still feel the urge to binge fairly often, but nothing like it was. And when I do, I binge smaller, and healthier.

I've been keeping up with the 100 push up challenge, which is also going well, I am only on the second week, but I am improving already.

Not too much else to report, just wanted to check in!
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Monday, June 9th, 2008

Time:9:15 am.
I have decided to use only the Wii Fit scale, and not the regular scale in my bathroom. However, I could not resist him, and weighed myself this morning. Then, I decided that I would move Mr. Scale downstairs, out of sight. The Wii Fit scale is always moving, up, down, whatever, at least it MOVES. Mr. Scale has been stuck at the same number forever. And I feel like I am stalled already. But I don't think I am. I am becoming more and more comfortable with the low-carb diet...and maybe that somehow makes me feel like I am not doing it right.
I eat under 20g a day, I work out a little every day, drink water, stay away from things with "hidden carbs"
So, I should be fine. But I should also be losing more. But, there is nothing for me to adjust or tweak, I just need to keep riding it out, and let it do it's thing, no matter how slowly it works. It'll still work, I just need to trust that.
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Friday, June 6th, 2008

Time:7:56 am.
This entry is for my darlin' Sunshine!

This is the most comprehensive carb list -

Here are my favorite links for finding low-carb recipes -

Or, just search for "low-carb recipes" in google, it's amazing the results you will get! After trying a few recipes, you'll start to learn to just adapt your old recipes into low-carb ones.

Here are my favorite links for support/inspiration -

And is what I am following -

• No more than 20g carbs a day
• A minimum of 100oz of water a day
• Exercise at least 4 times a week
• No caffiene
• Limit sugar alcohols
• Round UP all calories. Drinks or food are allowed to round down in the nutritional facts, and there are also "hidden" carbs in diet sodas, etc. So, things that say 0g, or >1g, I just round up to 1.

Thats it! This plan is working for my brother, and I.. so, it's a good plan! :-)

Most low-carbers strongly suggest you read a book first, be it Atkins, or Southbeach or whatever. I did not do that, but I would recommend it as well, especially if you do better with a real rigid plan.
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Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Time:8:52 am.

I love it when you stretch and it feels SO FREAKIN good.
I just did that :-)

So, I am down 12.5lbs now, yay! My goal is to lose 20lbs this month, not counting the 12.5 I have already. So, by July 1, I hope to be down 32lbs. After that, 36lbs will put me in "onederland" Which is a very big goal of mine. The low carb thing works really well for me. I like the food, it somehow curbs my compulsive eating, and it seems to really work. I am going to stick with this for a long time.

The Wii Fit really helps too. Its such a silly little thing.. but, it really motivates me to exercise a little every single day, which is SO good. I think it will really be the thing that gets me through the busy season at work, since my time available for the gym at that point is greatly diminished. I can't wait until I get strong enough to ace all the yoga and training positions!

I'll leave you with my favorite tidbit of info -

if your poop floats, it's a good indicator that you are losing fat.
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Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Time:1:33 pm.
As you know, I am low-carbing it lately, and I really like it. Bry and I have started a new blog together. I am welcoming anyone to check it out!

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Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Time:8:18 am.
Joel left for his work trip this morning, at 4am. Ugh! So I woke up with him at 3 and could not fall back asleep. I am thankful that I am more or less a morning person, and can't easily fall back asleep. . . but that's a little annoying. I feel fine though, not tired. (yet)

My eating has been great. I have not overeaten, or *cheated* in at least 10 days or so. Which, for me is quite an accomplishment. I only have 9 days until my first goal I set. Which was 20lbs loss by Mike's Wedding. Unfortunately, that means I still need to lose 11lbs in 9 days. Which, although not impossible, is not exactly realistic either. But I'll try my best!

Low-Carb and diet blogs have really helped me everyday. Other people's weight loss success is so inspiring, that I can't wait for the day when I am a Before & After picture that motivates someone else.
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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Time:2:23 pm.
I am proud of myself.

Why? You ask.

Because today at lunch, I didn't overeat. I stopped when I was no longer hungry, I left food (good food) on my plate.

And because I am so good.. surely you could make it be 5:30 already?
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Time:8:30 am.
Well, it seems as though my first goal is slipping through my hands. First goal was to lose 20lbs by June 7. That's 10 days from now. And although my weigh in this morning magically said that I am down a total of 8.5lbs, Thats still 11.5lbs in 10 days. Hey, maybe I can do it! :-) I really want to be under 200 by my birthday (October) which is also a very steep goal. But what a nice one to hit!

(it doesn't count in 1/2lbs)
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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Time:8:22 am.
Mysteriously back up 5lbs. Lovely!

I read happy success stories, and I immediately fantasize about myself having the same results. Then, in moments like this, I remember that my body is dumb, and quite different than those miracle loss people. I just gotta keep trying, and trying harder. I'm sure that for every 7 I lose, I'll gain back 5. Which sucks, but you know what? I'll still be down 2! And thats something.

The weekend was fine. I ate pretty well, but didn't work out much. I broke up one of Chai & Zevon's little fights with my foot (as I usually do) except this time I caught my foot right in Chai's pointy little mouth.
So, I had a big bloody stump of a foot for a day or two, and didn't feel much like putting it in a sneaker.
It's bruised still, but almost all better, so I won't be able to use it for an excuse much longer.

Wii Fit is still great. Unfortunately though, my favorite games are the ones that don't work any muscles! haha
but still, even Joel used it too! So, its great!

Well, here's to a good week. A better week than last week!

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Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Time:11:43 am.
My ultimate goal weight is 155lbs. So I was looking for somebody with those stats to admire a picture of.
Crush, from American Gladiators is 5'8", 155lbs... observe -

I doubt I'll ever be that toned, since she trains like fifty thousand hours a day. But still. . . good inspiration! :-)
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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Time:10:15 pm.
omg. Wii Fit!

I just did 30 minutes of exercising on it! So cute. So, I do the set up thing, where it measures you and stuff. Then it gives you a "Fit Age" It told me I am 41!! haha I kinda expected that. So anyway, then I go through and try all the games, there's balance games, aerobic games, yoga poses, strength training.. its so cute. You can hula hoop!! and ski jump! seriously. cute. It even made me sweat a little! I had to run a little race! seeriously!
Then I go back and take the initial test again, it pops up - congrats! you've lost 1.3lbs! hahah i don't know about that. But I appreciated it! And then it said my Fit Age is 28! that's more like it.

Can't wait to play again!
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Time:1:53 pm.
It caaaaaaaaaaaaaame!! My Wii Fit! I wish I could go home and play with it now!
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Time:11:59 am.
My Wii Fit was supposed to come yesterday, and it didn't! wah! So, it better come today! I am sure it will. And I have an early release from work tomorrow, 2pm. So, I know what I'll be doing with my Friday!
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Time:10:32 am.
Had a tasty dinner last night! My sister took Bry and I to a new japanese/thai place near her apartment.
Obviously, I didn't get any sushi, since I have to steer clear of the rice. . . but even the looks of it, I could tell wasn't up to par with my usual sushi eatings! Caryn ordered some maki, and she confirmed.
Anyways, I ordered a Papaya salad, which was very reminiscent of the Sour Mango salad I had at the Burmese restaurant. So I was thrilled! It was almost like a cole slaw, with cucumber, chiles, tomatoes, shrimp, dried shrimp, green beans, peanuts. It was really freakin good. Also got an order of taku-su (octopus in ponzu), and something I never tried before - ankimo, which is monkfish liver! Wow, it was good. I don't typically like liver, but this stuff was like.. foie gras of the sea! It was buttery, and mild and mm so good. I will definitely order that again! I wish they had it at Karma!

oof, enough about food, I am getting hungry!
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Time:8:38 am.
Finally lost that 1lb again!
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Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Time:3:46 pm.
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Time:3:06 pm.

I so badly wanted to update right this moment, despite the fact that I have absolutely nothing to update about.

I love that right now my diet is being constantly reinforced and doubly motivated. For one, I am finding low-carb eating to be remarkably easy for me, and it's somehow also helping me with my binge-eating. But also, I've come across so many examples, on sites and blogs, of women losing an awesome amount of weight on a similar diet to mine. I have read about, or spoken with at least 5 ladies in the past week who have each lost 50-60lbs in their first 5 months of low-carbing. Now I know that kind of result is probably not typical, but that will not stop me from being completely inspired by it. I want that same kind of success, and now that I know it can be done, I will work for it to the best of my ability (or, sanity) :-)

I ordered some sugar free, low-carb (2g per serving) brownie mix today. We'll see how those go. But I think it's pretty awesome. In case of emergency, they could prove invaluable!

In my bedroom, I have two things hanging on my closet door. One, is a dress I recently bought on Ebay. It's adorable. (I'll take pics!) and it fits me, but it doesn't look particularly nice. Also, a gorgeous blue satin (faux satin, I am sure) blouse that I absolutely adore, but it has never fit me. Those are my two goals. To fit into that shirt, and to look damn good in that dress. I'll be sure to let you know when those things happen :-)
My guess is, it'll be about 30lbs for the shirt, and about the same, or more for the dress. (it's super stretchy, so I think I have a really good wide window where I can wear it before it's actually too big) If I have time, I'll post some pictures tonight :-)

Ok, I am gonna go poop now. (I hope!)
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LiveJournal for atrimmerme.

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